Francisco Vidal

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 - 18:30 to 20:00

Auditório Ilídio Pinho

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APR 24th 2024, 18h30 | FRANCISCO VIDAL

Ilídio Pinho Auditorium

In the era of heroes, their stories permeate our education system from early childhood to higher learning. We are steeped in a culture of winners and losers, where sports training ingrains the notion of competition and the necessity to triumph over opponents. Yet, amidst this narrative, there exists a poetic space, often overlooked but profoundly significant.

As I delved into painting professionally, I realised my desire to inhabit this poetic space, where stories of battles may unfold or remain untold, where victory and defeat hold lesser sway. The Lusíadas, a poem depicting war and cultural exchange, encapsulates this duality - a narrative that oscillates between conflict and beauty, between the kiss and vanity.

Growing up in the 1980s, my heroes were drawn not only from cartoons and comics but also from the realms of basketball and football, later extending to music and poetry. One such figure was the footballer Eusébio, whose allure captivated me despite my lack of comprehension. In television dramas, pirates held a similar fascination, offering a glimpse into the world of Portuguese heroes navigating the high seas.

During a trip to Chile with fellow artists, our intention to reach the Strait of Magellan for an exhibition was thwarted by adverse weather conditions. It was a moment of realisation - I often find myself going against the prevailing winds that glorify heroes.

In Luanda, the omnipresence of President José Eduardo dos Santos' image on institutional walls underscored my divergence from the culture of personality worship and the elevation of certain individuals over others. Hence, "It Wasn't Cabral" has always been my refuge - a space untouched by the cult of heroism.

Francisco Vidal


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