Sound and Image

Master's Degree

Applications 24-25:

  • 1st phase: 19 February to 18 April
  • 2nd stage: 13 May to 27 June*
  • 3rd phase: Vacancies remaining until 16th September*

*The call for applications for the 2nd and 3rd phases depends on the number of vacancies left over from the previous phase.

The Specialization in New Media Art promotes creative innovation in various artistic practices, in a transversal way. The program is emphasizes the conception, production and presentation of projects that exploring the frontier of new forms of expression.

Students will develop their projects according to a personal perspective, whether it is of a more experimental, artistic or industry-oriented nature. The central research is developed from projects, accompanied by a deep theoretical and artistic reflection with close monitoring by the teacher, valuing the master's student's ideas. This research will be further enriched by tutorial guidance from the artists residing at the School.


Acquisition and Development of Competencies:

  • Design, production and presentation of projects that cross the new means of technological expression
  • Experimental, artistic or commercial projects with digital fabrication support
  • Computer Graphics, Music and Physics
  • Work developed at the frontier of knowledge valuing the student's specific project

Desenvolvimento de Portfólio Profissional/Artístico em: 

  • Practical New Media Art Project
  • Internship in national and international companies
  • Research and Development of Dissertation in New Media Art



1st Year | 1st Semester ECTS
Project I Digital Creation Laboratory 12
Aesthetics and Digital Art Ecology 5
Creative Code and Algorithm in Art 5
Sound Arts and Technologies 5
Sound and Image Research 3
1St Year | 2nd Semester ECTS
Project II Digital Creation Laboratory 12
Art Theory 5
Interdisciplinary Project 5
Interdisciplinary Seminar 3
Tangible Interfaces and Physical Computing 5
2nd Year | 1st Semester ECTS
Portfolio and Showreel 3
Dissertation / Final Project / Internship 27
2nd Year | 2nd Semester ECTS
Dissertation / Final Project / Internship 30

a. Characteristics

  • Continuous and preferential access to equipment such as: Motion Capture Laboratory, Surround Sound Mixing Studio, Interactive Art and Digital Fabrication Laboratory, Film/TV Studio with Chroma-Keying; 
  • Integration into EA's creative community, transversal to its courses; Possibility of collaboration and integration in CITAR Research Projects
  • Possibility of collaboration and integration in knowledge transfer projects and artistic production, at CCD
  • Faculty that includes recognized professionals and artists in the global market, as well as experienced university advisors

b. State of the Art Facilties and Equipment

  • 24/7 access to all studios and facilities
  • Individual video editing studios
  • Audio Capture and Mix Studios with Stereo and Surround Sound
  • Motion Capture Lab
  • Digital Fabrication Lab (3D printers, CNC, electronics)
  • Film/TV Studio with Chroma-Keying
  • Large Cinema Auditorium (400px) equipped with Surround Sound and 2K Digital Projection System

c. Professional Outlets

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to build a career:

  •      Artistic – development of own works as an author in the areas of Animation Film, Audio Production (Cinema, Radio, Concert, Installation), New Media (interactive installation, brand activation, Augmented and Virtual Reality content).
  •      Scientific – They can join CITAR or CCD research teams, develop R&D work that will define the future of the area. Progress to PhD.
  •      Professional - Create or intern and join companies in your area of expertise. In this sense, the aforementioned internship agreements are highlighted.


d. Schedule a Visit

send an email to to schedule or call +351 935 370 331

e. Scholarships and Social Support

Financial support applications are individually analyzed, according to the applicants' specific situation

g. Internships

The internship is considered as part of the academic course, integrated in the training plan in the 2nd year of the study cycle (Training Curricular Unit - 60 ECTS). It is seen as structuring the professional attitude of a student of the Sound and Image course towards his future work activity. It must be structuring not only in view of the versatility of the basic and interdisciplinary subjects of the course, but also as a strong link between the University and the job market. The Curricular Internship is developed in the Hosting Entities according to each student's area of specialization, and lasts for a minimum of 24 weeks. An Internship Agreement is signed between the Hosting Entities and the Catholic University, which commits the two institutions involved in the duration of the internship, the student and the professor who accompanies him in this Curricular Unit.

Computer Animation

  • Sardinha em Lata 
  • Solid Média 
  • Pix Mix 
  • Bando à Parte 
  • Cimbalino 
  • Farol de Ideias 
  • Filbox 
  • Filmes do Tejo 
  • Fronteira Filmes 
  • Garage Films 
  • Guerrilha Filmes 
  • Lightbox 
  • O Som e a Fúria 
  • Utopia Filmes 
  • Vende-se Filmes

New Media Art 

  • Be-Active 
  • Designarte 
  • Easy-Art 
  • Gema Interative 
  • Landka 
  • Menina Design ​

Sound Design

  • ElitPalco 
  • Worten Digitópia Casa da Música
  • Indigo Música 
  • Loudness Studios
  • Lourisom 
  • SomNorte 
  • Soundtrapp 
  • Warehouse Studios (Czech Republic)
  • Ad-hoc Studios (Spain)


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Student Care
+351 935 370 331

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Mónica Monteiro
+351 226 196 267

Admission Support
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