The School of Arts

The School of Arts (SoA) at the Catholic University of Portugal is based in Porto and offers a wide-range of undergraduate and graduate programs in arts.

The main areas of study and research are:

  • Cinema
  • Sound and Music
  • Animation
  • New Media Art
  • Photography
  • Creative Industries
  • Heritage, Conservation and Restoration
  • Curatorial Studies

The SoA focuses in the development of artists through the combination of technological mastery with a humanistic education, fostering future directors, artists, curators and professionals that can think the world around us.

The SoA is one of the main Film Schools in Portugal. With over 500 students (across BA, MA and PhD studies), it offers a wide range of curricular options for aspiring filmmakers, sound designers and new media artists. The SoA also offers its students a complete range of updated equipment and a body of staff with renowned professionals, critics and theoriticians. Over the last years, a great number of former students have won important awards in film, new media and sound festivals all over the world.


Nuno da Luz, Poetry as an Echological Survival, 2019

The SoA offers an intense cultural program comprised of exhibitions, film screenings, performances, talks and masterclasses directed to the community. In 2019 and 2020 the SoA will present original exhibitions by Guido Guidi, Diogo Evangelista, Pedro Tudela and Filipa César. Yearly, the SoA hosts 3 to 4 artists in residency programs funded by relevant institutions (f.e. Gulbenkian Foundation and Inresidenceporto promoted by Porto City Hall). During their residency, the artists are deeply engaged with the community, involving the students in the discussion, development and presentation of their work. The resident artists for 2019 and 2020 are Vasco Araújo, Filipa César and Yohei Yamakado. Furthermore, each year a group of visiting artists works in close contact with the students in the development of their artistic projects. In 2019 and 2020, the visiting artists of the SoA are Ben Russell, Diogo Evangelista, Ed Hooks, Gabriel Abrantes, João Canijo, João Salaviza, Pedro Tudela and Cláudia Varejão. 

All the activities of SoA are developed in coordination with its three Research Centers (CITAR – Research Center for the Science and Technology of the Arts; CCD – Digital Creativity Center; CCR – Conservation Restoration Center) funded by ongoing projects and by the government institution Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).


Jonathan Saldanha, Dismorfia, 2019


Another activity promoted by the SoA is the yearly based Summer School on Art & Cinema, an advanced course of new practices of cinema, combining a critical thought with the contact with great creators of film and contemporary art, assisted by thinkers, critics and academics. The Summer School is structured in six days, and each day is dedicated to one of the directors/artists who, at different times and with different structures, is in direct contact with the participants, in a creative and informal environment.


Porto Summer School on Art & Cinema