Educational Digital Strategy for an Inclusive and Flexbile Film Literacy


Educational communities are all different, with heterogeneous profiles of teachers and students. On the other hand, political, social, economic or cultural realities vary enormously from region to region, so we easily observe inequalities in access to different opportunities and teaching or learning strategies. INSERT project aims to design, implement, test and disseminate a theoretical-practical methodology for film literacy and film production in educational contexts. It responds to the contemporary need for flexibility and inclusion in schools, promoting an artistic language and a learning and action strategy that will bring together all those involved in the school community around autonomous projects, created from and according to each context. INSERT will consist of a set of resources that will guide teachers and students in contacting and experimenting with the seventh art, properly contextualized, presented and accompanied by the research team. The project will be tested in five schools in the North of Portugal so that it can then be disseminated on a more global scale, either nationally or internationally. It is intended to be a tool for all, inclusive and flexible, so that film literacy overcomes the geographic, cultural or economic barriers that so many regions still face today.

Project Ref.: EXPL/CED-EDG/0716/2021

Call for Exploratory Research Projects (PeX) in All Scientific Domains (Foundation for Science and Technology)

Main researcher: PI - Pedro Alves (CITAR); Co-PI – Jaime Neves (CITAR)

Team elements (affectation): 
Armando Ramos (CITAR); Carlos Natálio (CITAR); Carlos Ruiz Carmona (CITAR); Daniel Ribas (CITAR); José Matias Alves (CEDH); Luís Teixeira (CITAR); Maria Ilídia Cabral (CEDH)

Funding: 50K

Duration: 18 months (january 2022 until june 2023)

State: Ongoing

Research group:  Visual and Interactive Art



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