Methods of Examination and Registration of Works of Art

3 ECTS / semestral



1-Understand the photographic process in general and its specificities in the area of conservation and restoration.
2 - To understand the operation of the cameras and to optimize their use
3 - Acquire basics of lighting and adapt to the characteristics of works of art
4 - Establish methodologies of photographic practice applied to Conservation and Restoration
5 - Understand the different types of photographic exams with application in Conservation and Restoration

At the end of the UC students should be familiar with the techniques and equipment involved; reflect and decide in a
conscious and informed manner the methodologies appropriate to different situations.

The UC Methods of Examination and Registration of Works (MEROA) is structuring from a practical point of view, as it addresses a series of methods and strategies that aim to complement and visually enhance the work of a conservative / restorer. It is expected to use photographs of the Works where they intervene in diversified publications and, as such, is a final competence of the graduates of the course.