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Was born in Porto in 1976. He studied percussion, music technologies, sonology, composition and music theory, concluding his PhD in Digital Media at the University of Porto on the theme of expressivity and interaction in computer music.

Founding member of Sonoscopia Associação, his work as a musician and composer focuses on underground counterculture, improvised and electroacoustic music. He has played and recorded extensively throughout Europe, the United States, Brazil, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Japan and Lebanon with, among others, John Zorn's Cobra, Mark Stewart, Fritz Hauser, Alfred Harth, Lukas Ligeti, Jamie Saft, Damo Suzuki or Steve Mackay.

He is currently guest assistant professor at the University of Aveiro and guest adjunct professor at ESMAE, Porto.

With a degree in double bass from the Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo (ESMAE) he has developed a parallel activity to his classical studies in the areas of improvisation and experimental music. He was one of the most dynamic driving forces behind the development of the Porto scene from the transition of the millennium, collaborating and playing with numerous improvisers and formations such as Mécanosphère, Stealing Orchestra, Três Tristes Tigres, Estilhaços, John Zorn's Cobra, Damo Suzuki or Fritz Hauser. In the last few years he has concentrated his work on the construction of new instruments and the creation of sound works which he develops collectively with Sonoscopia, an association of which he is a founding member and with which he has performed in several European countries, South America and in the United Arab Emirates. As a creator, he focuses on the sonic detail of objects and materials, developing works where sound is reinforced by a strong visual component. In this area, highlights include the pieces for all childhoods INsono and Futurina, the luminous and electromagnetic exploration Draper Point or the underwater immersion Sublumia.

Sonoscopia is an association for the creation, production and promotion of artistic and educational projects, focused on the areas of experimental music, sound research and its transdisciplinary intersections. Since its creation in 2011, it has produced more than 600 events, artistic creations, educational activities and publications. It has been present in about 20 European countries, as well as in geographies as distant as the United States, Lebanon, Japan, Tunisia or the United Arab Emirates. Among his creations, the projects Phonambient, INsono, Phobos - Orquestra Robótica Dysfuncional e Phonopticon stand out. In Portugal, Sonoscopia is partner of entities such as Fábrica das Artes/CCB, Teatro Nacional São João, Fundação de Serralves, CineTeatro Louletano, GNRation and Teatro de Ferro. It also has a space located in Oporto, with several studios equipped and prepared for the conception and production of creative and scientific works, residencies and informal presentations, having hosted hundreds of artists from all over the world. Sonoscopia is a structure supported by the Portuguese Republic - Culture/General Direction of the Arts.

Is a musician, sound artist and researcher.

Graduated in Composition, he created links with the new technological possibilities having special interest in searching new forms and new musical and sonorous "places".

With a PhD in Computer Music he is a lecturer at the UCP School of Arts, coordinator of the PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts and researcher at CITAR. He is co-artistic director of Supernova Ensemble, artistic collective resident at Circular Cultural Association.

Between 2013 and 2018 he was curator of the Digitópia Casa da Música platform and between 2018 and 2019 he was coordinator of the educational service Braga Media Arts - creative city UNESCO.

He maintains a close activity with music as a performer, composer and sound artist having presented and collaborated with institutions and groupings such as Remix Ensemble Casa da Música, Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II, FITEI, Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, Fundação de Serralves, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin, among others.

He performs regularly in solo projects, collective or in partnerships (BlacKoyote, Srosh Ensemble, Hans-Joachim Roedeliust, Ricardo Jacinto, Jon Rose,...), in the areas of music and sound for theatre and dance pieces, (Cáligula Murió. Yo no - Marco Paiva; Cadernos de - Raquel S; Cidade Domingo - Jacinto Lucas Pires e João Henriques;... ) video and cinema, (The Last Bath - David Bonneville, Money Honey - Isaac Knights-Washbourn, Adagio or Ways of Talking with Birds - Alexandre Delmar), as a sound installation creator (And it Keeps Going or the Never-ending song of life - i3S/Ectopia, The Perpetuation of time under the present - Journées Européennes du Patrimoine; Urban Re-Interpretation - Fundação de Serralves,. ...) and as a composer for electronics and instrumental ensemble, (Remix Ensemble, Drumming, Nuno Aroso, João Dias, Henrique Portovedo, FactorE, Srosh Ensemble, Orquestra Estúdio).