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Study at School of Arts


The undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral studies in Art Conservation and Restoration are unique in northern Portugal.

The transversal, comprehensive nature of the curriculum results in extremely balanced modules when compared to other educational institutions. The training at the School of the Arts is unique in articulating the humanistic and historical, technical (restoration) and scientific (research on the conservation of cultural assets) dimensions.

The wealth of artistic heritage in the region, the importance of sacred art resulting from commissions from the Church over the centuries and the regulation of formal and iconographic programs, the existence of a mercantile bourgeoisie which brought together important art collections, broadly justified the creation of this area of study dedicated to the scientific knowledge of this heritage, to conservation and restoration interventions and to their enhancement and stimulation. National and municipal museums, churches, monasteries, charitable organizations, Brotherhoods, Third Orders and private chapels, as well as private foundations and collections, all benefit from education in this area, that therefore has a strong focus on service to the community based on the dissemination of good practice.

The construction of the curriculum respects the guidelines of the following frame of reference:

  • ENCORE - European Network for Conservation-Restoration Education;
  • European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers’ Organizations (ECCO);
  • Professional Association of Conservators-Restorers of Portugal (ARP).



The aim of the Sound and Image studies at the School of Arts is to contribute to the building and promotion of creative talent in the audiovisual and the digital and interactive arts fields, using available digital technologies, and based on an understanding of Art, Science and Technology.

This area responds to the profound reconfiguration of artistic practice, communication and entertainment.

The purpose of the teaching in this area is to act as a stimulus for encouraging the Creative and Cultural Industries, sectors that are one of the main lines of action for development highlighted by European policies. 

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