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About the School

In the School of Arts you will find an academic community of students, teachers and researchers who are motivated by an atmosphere of dialogue, debate, permanent updating, confronted with the different perspectives of art associated with the issues of the contemporary world. Its work is carried out in the areas of:

  • teaching;
  • research;
  • artistic, cultural and heritage intervention.

The School of Arts is part of the Portuguese Catholic University, in the Foz campus in Porto.

Art is today part of different sectors of activity which make it a key element in social, cultural and economic development. From traditional sectors of artistic creation to those altered by digital technologies, the universe of the arts has developed in the strictly cultural field but also in the fields of communication and entertainment.

The School of Arts sees the practice of art, its study and conservation as vital areas of society that involve artistic creation and the production of knowledge, within an ethical commitment and a reflective and critical stance of a humanistic nature.

Artists and all those who approach art from different perspectives, whether they are creators, theorists, curators or conservators and restorers, participate in achievements anchored in the values that underpin the advancement of human societies and the sense of individual and collective responsibility.

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