Salomé Lamas, artista residente na EA no ano lectivo 2017-18, considerada uma das pessoas com maior reconhecimento em Portugal pela Ozy Magazine


A cineasta Salomé Lamas, artista residente na Escola das Artes no ano lectivo 2017/18, foi considerada pela revista internacional Ozy Magazine uma das pessoas com maior reconhecimento em Portugal:
When filmmaker Salomé Lamas calls her creations “hybrid,” she isn’t talking Toyotas. Whether she’s shooting desperate fortune-seekers heading into La Rinconada, the world’s highest-altitude mine, in Eldorado XXI (2016), a documentary that feels at once primitive and postapocalyptic, or hovering between reality and fictionalized memory in No Man’s Land (2013), a profile of a bloodthirsty Portuguese special forces soldier turned gun for hire, she is, in her own words, going “where they can’t put labels on you.” Except that this 29-year-old has already acquired a number of labels — director, installation artist, documentarian, author, theoretician — while becoming one of the most exhibited, awarded, granted and prolific citizens of Portugal, boldly roving across the terrain of contemporary media to reclaim and redefine her home nation’s penchant for global exploration”.
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