Gulbenkian Residence

2019 Gulbenkian Residence

1 - Framework 
The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in partnership with the School of Arts will provide a 3-months residency to one international artist or curator to develop their work for a period of three months, between September and December 2019.

The School of Arts of Universidade Católica Portuguesa is based in Porto and offers graduate and undergraduate courses in Film, Music, Sound, Photography, New Media, Heritage and Conservation. The selected candidate should be able to articulate/integrate the aforementioned research areas in the work to be developed during the residency. The School of Arts facilities include sound recording studios and equipment, editing rooms and filming equipment, a MoCap room, a Chroma Key studio, a fabrication lab, besides painting and sculpture studios.

2 - Program
 The goal of the residency program is to provide space, time and assistance for research, experiment and production in the development of the selected candidate body of work. The result of the residency will be publicly presented in a format to be discussed with the School of Arts upon arrival (exhibition, performance, conference, concert, talk).

3 - Conditions of the residency
 The residency program is fully funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation and covers accommodation, meals (during weekdays), travel (up to 500€ for Europe-based artists and up to 1000€ for artists based in other continents) and a monthly allowance of 450€. An extra 500€ will be provided to cover residency materials.

Through the research institutes of the school (CCD, CITAR) the final presentation might be considered eligible for a production grant.

Applicants from outside Schengen area will receive support in the Visa application.

4 - Eligibility
 The residency accepts applications from international artists and curators at any stage of practice.

5 - Applications by Portuguese artists or artists who have been resident in Portugal in the last 3 months will not be considered.

6 - Presentation of Applications
 All candidates should deliver the following documents in English or Portuguese:

  1. full-cv;
  2. portfolio and/or writing samples;
  3. motivation letter;
  4. a brief synopsis of the project to be developed;

7 - The application should be sent via email, until May 31st, to the following email address referring to 2019 Gulbenkian Residency in the School of Arts open call:

8 - Selection Committee 
A selection committee, comprised of Nuno Crespo (dean of the School of Arts), Guilherme Blanc (Culture Advisor for the Porto Municipality) and Cristina Grande (senior curator at the Serralves Museum), will make a pre-selection of candidates. The final selection is a joint responsibility of the Gulbenkian Foundation and the School of Arts.

9 - Ownership and copyright
 The selected candidate will hold all the ownership rights of the work developed during the residency. The selected candidate accepts to authorize the use of images from the work developed during the residency and grants their image rights for the production of materials with communication, scientific and educational purposes.

10 - Residency Rules

  • Images of created art work can be used by the School of Arts in all forms of reproduction (including catalogues, presentations and booklets) and can be used for advertising and informational materials (such as flyers and posters).
  • Residents should work on-site in the School of Arts and gain active knowledge of the organization as a whole.

By the completion of residency programme all created art pieces belong to the artist. The School of Arts takes no responsibility to retain or arrange shipment of art pieces.

11 - Calendar
 The Call will be open from March 4th until May 31st.
The final decision will be announced on June 17th after thorough analysis.
The residency will start on September 15th and run until December 15th.

12 - Clarifications
 Every aspect or question not covered in this open call will be analyzed and decided by the School of Arts. For further inquiries please contact