ARTECH 2008 |
Nas Fronteiras do Imaginário
4th International Conference on Digital Arts
7, 8 | November
Portuguese Catholic University | Porto

Artech 2008 is the fourth international workshop held in Portugal and Galicia on the topic of Digital Arts. It aims to promote contacts between Iberian and International contributors concerned with the conception, production and dissemination of Digital and Electronic Art. Artech 2008 brings the scientific, technological and artistic community together, promoting the interest in the digital culture and its intersection with art and technology as an important research field, a common space for discussion, an exchange of experiences, a forum for emerging digital artists and a way of understanding and appreciating new forms of cultural expression.

ARTECH 2008 is also Co-located with the Events:
Olhares de Outono 2008 New Trends in Digital Arts Festival, 3-8 Nov. 2008
Digital GAMES 2008 Conference on Digital Games, 6, 7 Nov. 2008

Main Topics
Main areas are related with sound, image, video, music, multimedia and other new media related topics, in the context of emerging practice of artistic creation. Although non exclusive, the main topics of the conference are:

  • Art and Science
  • Audio-Visual and Multimedia Design
  • Creativity Theory
  • Electronic Music
  • Generative and Algorithmic Art
  • Interactive Systems for Artistic Applications
  • Media Art history
  • Mobile Multimedia
  • Net Art and Digital Culture
  • New Experiences with New Media and New Applications
  • Tangible and Gesture Interfaces
  • Technology in Art Education
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

ARTECH 2008 General Program (7, 8 November)

Presentations | Key Notes | Poster Sessions | Installations| Events

General program PDF

ARTECH 2008 Proceedings (ISBN: 978-989-95776-3-3)

Download Book of Proceeding in PDF


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